The 26 Baku Commissars[edit]

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Isaak Brodsky‘s The Execution of the Twenty Six Baku Commissars depicting the Soviet view of the execution.

As a result of his involvement in Transcaspian politics, his name became linked to the murder of the 26 Baku Commissars. The commissars had escaped across the Caspian after the fall of Baku in September 1918, and had been taken prisoner by White Russians at Krasnovodsk. They were then shot in the desert between Krasnovodsk and Ashkhabad in mysterious circumstances on 20 September.

In 1919, and again in 1922, the Social Revolutionary lawyer Vadim Chaikin claimed these murders had been carried out under the direct orders of Teague-Jones. In November 1922 Teague-Jones produced a 1,500-word rebuttal of Chaikin’s claims which was passed by the British Foreign Office to the Soviet Commissariat for Foreign Affairs.

However, Chaikin’s version of events was later endorsed by Trotsky [1] and was upheld by Soviet historians until the collapse of the USSR.



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