Les sanctions contre l’Iran menacent le pétrodollar


Article original de Irina Slav, publié le 14 mai 2018 sur le site oilprice.com
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Забавные дети (45 фото)


В международный день защиты детей я начну свою работу с позитивной подборки забавных фото детей. Эти фото обязательно поднимут ваше настроение и заставят улыбнуться. Любите детей, причём не только своих, дарите им радость, счастье, свою любовь и заботу.

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CIA Manufactured Modern US Literature

https://www.henrymakow.com/2018/06/CIA-Manufactued-Modern-US-Literature .html

Left. Ernest Hemingway was an intelligence agent. The CIA admits this on their own website . See Mathis’ full expose .

Miles Mathis says that modern culture is essentially
mental programming by the CIA, an arm of the Illuminati
banking cartel. The systemic destruction of traditional art
is intended to promote « alienation, » the satanic view
that human life is inherently meaningless, incoherent, trivial and ugly.
The Satanist is the origin of the modern « anti-hero » –
the man who denies the moral order and therefore
feels an outcast in society and in the universe. We live in
a matrix created by Satanists. Our freedom is an illusion.
(See Dan Butler’s comment below.)

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