Russian Proxy Force and Regulars Attempt to Overrun Avdiivka North of Donetsk City

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Donbass is getting hot in one area. The situation is bad enough that Ukraine President Poroshenko interrupted a State visit to Germany.

Fragging is a term not popular since the US war in Vietnam, where junior soldiers would toss fragmentation grenades at seniors they did not like, killing them, often for petty reasons.  The Russian ‘Army’ in Donbas appears to have no discipline.

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Major development in Donbass with the Russians attempting over the weekend to overrun Ukrainian Army and militia positions in Avdiivka using a mix of proxy force trash troops and Russian Army regulars.

After two days of fighting UA reports 60+ KIA Russian regulars, others claiming over 100 KIA irregulars and regulars. As in other recent failed Russian assaults, the proxy force abandoned its positions and the Ukrainian troops filled the vacuum to deny them the supposedly neutral ground the…

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