EDWARD SNOWDEN: Russia might have leaked alleged NSA cyberweapons as a ‘warning’

Nwo Report

Edward Snowden has weighed in on the alleged hack of an NSA-linked elite hacking group, suggesting it may just be a « warning » in a broader geopolitical struggle between the US and Russia.

On Monday, news broke that a group calling themselves « Shadow Brokers » is claiming to have hacked Equation Group, a world-class cyber-attack group believed to be part of US spy agency NSA (National Security Agency).

As nominal « proof, » Shadow Brokers has released a selection of files — including alleged exploits and scripts — that it claims were stolen from Equation Group, and says it is auctioning off more.

Cybersecurity experts are assessing the unidentified group’s claims, with some tentatively suggesting it could be legitimate (albeit dating back from 2013). But an equally important question being asked is: Just who is Shadow Brokers anyway?

The answer that many are considering: The Russian intelligence services.

Russia has previously been accused by security experts of…

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