Why the Pentagon and NATO Are Bluffing

Nwo Report

Source: Strategic Culture

Let’s cut to the chase; as much as the Pentagon may have finally concluded that Russia holds undisputed conventional superiority in the European theater, the only possible rationale for NATO’s existence is unchanged; the US must keep the military occupation of Western and Central Europe till the end of days. And the justification for the «project» must be anti-Russian hysteria.

Thus the perennial, bogus, «threat» narrative. The myth of imminent «Russian aggression» against the poor Baltic nations. These recurrent NATO talk fests staged as former Soviet – or Maoist – «party conferences». The impression/illusion sold by the lame duck Obama administration that they are benevolently «concerned» about European security. And, of course, the Russian counterpoint; the suspicion that NATO is no less than engaged in fabricating serial declarations of war.

The whole show might be derided as a juvenile mind game…

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