Prof. Gary Leupp: « U.S. imperialism existed before Daesh, and will likely outlive it. »

Algérie Résistance

Gary Leupp

Le Professeur Gary Leupp, Historien. DR.

Mohsen Abdelmoumen: How do you explain that Hillary Clinton maintains her candidacy for presidency of the United States while she has lost an ambassador in Benghazi in Libya when she was Secretary of State and that she makes headlines with the scandal of her emails?

Pr. Gary Leupp: Clinton is an establishment figure, who has widespread support on Wall Street, from the Democratic Party leadership, from the mainstream U.S. press, from fans of her husband the former president of the U.S., from African-Americans who see her and her husband as their advocates, and from women who simply want to see a “strong woman” in leadership.

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commenter commenter, circa 2006.

A commenter on a blog is someone who writes a comment. In most cases, the comment gives their opinion about a blog post or another comment that appears above on the same page.

A lurker is someone who sees a post but leaves no comment. On this blog, for every commenter there are about a hundred lurkers.

A thread is made up of all the comments on a blog post, listed from oldest to newest.

The bad kinds of commenters:

  • spammers – those who leave comments that have nothing to do with the post or other comments. Most are not human, but spambots leaving links to their own websites.
  • sock puppets – those who take on a false identity, like by commenting under more than one name or trying to pass as Black.
  • trolls – those only interested in getting others angry for their own entertainment.

My comment policy is…

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Gerald Celente: ” Voilà pourquoi les banques centrales sont si terrifiées ! “

End The Fed