The future of race in the US



This is how I currently see the likely future of race in the US. This is not what I hope for, but what I think is most likely. The dates are just to give you a rough idea. The order of events is what matters.

The future started in 1980:

1980-2015: The Fourth Wave of immigration to the US reaches its height. It comes mainly from Asia and Latin America, which boom as Europe greys. This sets the stage for what follows:

1995-2025: Nativist Backlash sets in against the Fourth Wave. This is driven mainly by Republicans, whose Southern Strategy, based on White racism, is starting to fail. President George W. Bush, for example, would have lost in 2004 if the election had been held with 2012 demographics. To limit the effect of the new demographics, they:

  • limit the vote (voter ID laws, weakening the Voting Rights Act, etc),
  • limit immigration,

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