4 août 2015 : Pétition pour une nouvelle abolition des privilèges – ANTICOR


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pendant ce temps … ils collectionnent les avantages, les fraudes, toutes les formes de corruptions actives et passives, voire
la grande et unique conspiration contre … le peuple seul souverain. –
« No nos representan !», « Ils ne nous représentent pas ! »


Bangkok Blast: Who Has Ax To Grind With Thailand?

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The bombing on Monday evening, August 17, 2015, has killed up to 20 people, injured over 100 more, and stands as one of the worst single terrorist attacks in Thailand’s capital of Bangkok in recent memory. The attack targeted a religious shrine popular with Asian tourists – particularly from China – who now comprise the largest demographic group of visitors to Thailand.

It is clear the attack was a precision strike on Thailand’s economy, and specifically against a very precise segment of Thailand’s tourist market. Commentators have admitted that many other targets with higher concentrations of tourists exist throughout Bangkok. Terrorists specifically struck the Erawan Shrine in downtown Bangkok to target Thailand’s Asian tourists.

The Western media has already begun spinning theories as to who carried out the attack – focusing on separatists in Thailand’s southern most provinces who have been waging a low-level insurgency for years. Many note, however…

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Cicero: Military commands, phantom of glory and the ruin of one’s own country and personal downfall

For peace, against war: literary selections


Anti-war essays, poems, short stories and literary excerpts

Greek and Roman writers on war and peace


From Tusculan Disputations
Translated by J.E. King


The seeds of virtue are inborn in our dispositions and, if they were allowed to ripen, nature’s own hand would lead us on to happiness of life; as things are now, however, as soon as we come into the light of day and have been acknowledged, we at once find ourselves in a world of iniquity amid a medley of wrong beliefs…[T]hen obviously we are tainted by vicious beliefs, and our revolt from nature is so complete that we come to think that the clearest insightinto the meaning of nature has been gained by the men who have made up their minds that there is no higher ambition for a human being, nothing more desirable, nothing more excellent than civil office, military command and…

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L’inversion de toutes les valeurs | Henry Makow


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Au final, vous et moi sommes nés au cours de l’acte final de ce drame. Je ne suis pas très optimiste en ce qui concerne son issue. Ils contrôlent tous les leviers de pouvoir. La plupart des gens ont subi le lavage de cerveau des médias de masse. La société n’est pas seulement complice ; elle embrasse sa propre subjugation. Telle est la possession satanique. Le mieux qu’il nous reste à faire et d’éviter la
contamination, en se rapprochant de ceux qui partagent notre constat, afin d’en porter témoignage et de diriger notre vie dans un sens plus élevée.

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pendant ce temps … tout fout le camp … le poison se répand irrémédiablement ! il est déjà trop tard. –
« No nos representan !», « Ils ne nous représentent pas ! »


B.P. Oil Spill & Deadly Corexit May Kill Millions Of U.S. Citizens: U.S. Strategic Petroleum Reserves Stored In Collapsing Salt Domes On Coast Of Louisiana!

Political Vel Craft

John R. Moore Intelligence Analyst With The U.S. Military Intelligence, Special Forces Green Beret [Part 1] And John Is Here To Establish The NWO Narrative [Part 2], That Global Warming Will Be The Cause Of The Ocean’s Dying Thermohaline Circulation On The East Coast Of The U.S.

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Merkel girds for right-wing revolt in Greece bailout vote

Vote au Bundestag sur l’aide à la Grèce, Merkel va compter les siens

Sauvetage grec : les obstacles nationaux surmontés ?

Grèce: vers un vote sans surprise du plan d’aide au Bundestag

En Allemagne, la majorité d’Angela Merkel divisée sur le plan d’aide à la Grèce

Aide à la Grèce: grogne de la CDU

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pendant ce temps …

« No nos representan !», « Ils ne nous représentent pas ! »